Experiment on how to learn

Learning is an endless process. One can never learn all that needs to be known because change is the number one constant thing. With that acceptance in place, the question arises of how to motivate myself to learn and keep on learning? I have tried a couple of learning techniques that definitely don’t work for me.

For example, developers usually are excited about the new shiny technology that surfaces, maybe in an effort to get management to adopt it or to increase their market demand or just for hack sake. Like most developers, I get excited about new technologies as well and even play with em a bit, but the excitement for me tends to wear out rather quickly because, I know that the current technology stack available at the moment is way too broad and there is still so much to learn.

So how to learn? I am now messing about with this concept, were the author’s motivation to learn comes from her desire to teach/share. I don’t have anything to teach but I would like to document whatever it is I am doing in a tutorial idiot-proof way, so that I or anyone else can look at it and it will make sense. My brain tends to get fuzzy when complexity is involved, (major reason why I am a programmer) and my basic instinct is a desire to get rid of that complexity and simplify things.

To be honest, the main reason of this blog is to motivate me to learn.



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