Pair Programming

Today at the office was another session of pair programming. This time it was with my team leader a very brilliant dude. It was initially a code review session which turned to code refactoring. The general gist is, a payment webservice that we have for one of our clients, did not hit the Non-GBP Amex accounts when users paid by Amex Card in a different currency like EURO. We hadn’t provided the entires (Amex accounts) in our config settings nor did our webservice code handle the Amex accounts, which are different from other card types in all currencies.

I’ll spare the details. Anyways we fixed the problem and refactored the code from it’s stink. One thing I took away from the experience is a little more experience on how to make code more readable and maintainable. Pair programming with someone who is more experienced than yourself will only improve and make you a lot better therefore I will keep on seeking out more code reviews and pair programming session as they are invaluable making me a better programmer.


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