Extracting the values from a CSV using c#

So, today I was working on implementing a new feature which involved extracting the values off a comma separated value (CSV). Naturally I have a Utility namespace in my core library with a class called StringManipulation. In it I have a method that generates and returns a CSV, so I needed one to reverse the CVS generation, i.e. get the values off any CSV object. Here’s my solution;

public static void Main()
     Console.WriteLine("Please enter names separated by a comma:");

     foreach(string name in ExtractValues(Console.ReadLine()))

     Console.WriteLine("Finished printing.");

public static string[] ExtractValues(string commaSeparatedValue) 
     return commaSeparatedValue.Split(',');

Edit: Changed the ExtractValues(), thanks to :ivowiblo pointing it out, from .Split(“,”.ToCharArray()); to .Split(‘,’);

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