How to populate your table with default values in rails

I have a Roles table with :name and :long_name columns. I have only 4 types of roles, with name i.e. short name and long name; :tm => Team member, lm => Line manager, :hr => Human resource and :admin => Administrator. In order to populate the values in my Roles table, all I need to do is put the logic in my db/seeds.rb file and run the rake db:seed command.

seed.rb —

role_collection = { 
  :hr => 'Human Resource', 
  :tm => 'Team Member', 
  :lm => 'Line Manager', 
  :admin => 'Administrator' 
role_collection.each do |key, value|
  @a_role = { :name => key.capitalize, :long_name => value }

rake db:seed


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